The International Paralympic Committee has joined other global governing bodies to promote human rights in sport ©IPC

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has accepted an invitation to join the Advisory Council of the Centre for Sport and Human Rights, in a move they say will strengthen their commitment to human rights.

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights was opened in June 2018 and is administered by the Institute for Human Rights and Business.

It works towards a sporting environment that fully respects human rights through collective action and promotion of the Sporting Chance Principles.

IPC President Andrew Parsons was in attendance as the IPC formally accepted the invitation, which was made at the United Nations' (UN) Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

"Human rights are at the forefront of the International Paralympic Committee's mission," he said.

"Through our work across the world we aim to protect and promote the rights of people with impairment as well as their fundamental freedoms in line with the UN Convention on Rights for People with Disabilities.

"The Paralympic Movement has a unique unifying power, inspiring social change and bringing people from different backgrounds together in a celebration of diversity.

"Combining forces with the Centre for Sports and Human Rights by joining their Advisory Council is another important step towards our ultimate goal of making for more inclusive societies through Para-sports."

John Morrison, chief executive of the Institute for Human Rights and Business, and acting chief executive for the Centre for Sport and Human Rights, warmly received the IPC.

"All of us involved in the Centre for Sport and Human Rights are delighted to welcome the International Paralympic Committee to the Centre's Advisory Council," Morrison said.

"The Advisory Council is made up of leading sports bodies, Governments, sponsor companies and broadcasters, trade unions and other civil society actors all committed to the Centre's mission.

"The Advisory Council sets the agenda for the Centre's emerging work and we are fortunate to have the IPC joining our growing coalition of partners dedicated to ensuring respect for the human rights of all people throughout the world of sport."

The formal acceptance of the invitation coincided with Parsons' keynote address at the UN Human Rights Council Social Forum.