The event took part at the Aïn Taya beach near to Algiers ©COA

The Algerian Olympic Committee (COA) has organised an event designed to help clean up the environment.

The event was held at a beach in Aïn Taya, a suburb of capital city Algiers.

It was staged in collaboration with the "Let’s do it Algeria" group and took place to coincide with World Clean-up Day - a global social action programme aimed at combating the solid waste problem across the world - earlier this month.

The Algerian Youth Department, the Civil Protection Department and the volunteer movement also helped organise the event, attended by high-ranking COA officials and Olympic athletes from the country.

The event was held to mark World Clean-up Day ©COA
The event was held to mark World Clean-up Day ©COA

Attendees helped clean up the beach, while the COA also staged a programme including events in sports such as rowing, alongside other environmental activities.

According to the COA, sports personalities from Algeria also gathered to help with the event.

They were among around 600 participants, with the COA claiming the event was a success.

The COA is led by President Mustapha Berraf, who is also standing for the Presidency of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA).