Belarus are preparing for an influx of guests during next year's Games ©Minsk 2019

Belarus have claimed plans are in place to ensure swift border crossing during the Minsk 2019 European Games.

The country is currently preparing to host the second edition of the Games, which would be the largest multi-sport event staged in Belarus.

Belarus’ State Customs Committee chairman Yuri Senko insisted efforts are being made to ensure easy border crossings for athletes and guests to the Games.

He claimed the country have already gained expertise in this area from the 2014 International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships, as well as aiding the FIFA World Cup in Russia earlier this year.

"The preparation of border checkpoints is in full swing, including the organisation of separate lanes for simplified border-crossing procedures,” Senko said.

"We are also upgrading the facilities to ensure security during the games and are testing the technologies for simplified import of goods intended for the use during the Games.

"The main task for the customs agencies is to ensure safe border crossing for athletes, fans, guests and to provide timely registration of their goods.

"We also keep in mind services necessary to provide a comfortable stay for people at the border checkpoints.”

Around 4,000 athletes are expected to attend next year's Games ©Getty Images
Around 4,000 athletes are expected to attend next year's Games ©Getty Images

In preparation for the Games, six border checkpoints are set to receive new video surveillance systems, while it is claimed upgrades to detect narcotic substances and explosives have also been purchased.

Personal video recorders and radio communication equipment have already been bought.

Belarusian officials claim to have created a simplified procedure for customs declaration for the temporary import of transport into the country, with submitting vehicle registration documents proving sufficient.

Customs workers are also said to be undergoing additional English language courses, while phrasebooks in various languages will be available.

A 24-hour hotline is also set to be operational to assist.

“The customs authorities assist to the organisers of the upcoming multi-sport forum to overcome issues that arise while we prepare for the European Games,” said Maria Stashevskaya, Minsk 2019 customs regulation manager.

“We are working hard to prepare that area for the participants of the Games.

“In particular, we asked customs authorities to discuss the issue of the movement of sports equipment.

“As a result of our joint effort, the first version of the customs and freight guide was prepared and adapted for the international sporting event."

The Minsk 2019 European Games are set to take place from June 21 to 30 next year and ticket sales will begin on December 1.