Beijing 2022 have been urged to use International Federations' expertise to assist preparations ©ITG

Beijing 2022 have been encouraged to use the expertise of International Federations (IFs) as they seek to grow their knowledge of hosting winter sport competitions.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission chair Juan Antonio Samaranch stated that IFs were taking a greater role in assisting preparations for the Games, as a two-day visit began here today.

Samaranch highlighted how either the President or secretary general of each of the winter sport federations were present to show how their involvement was growing in the delivery process.

Among those here in the Chinese capital is Olle Dahlin, with the Swedish official fresh from his election as International Biathlon Union President earlier this month.

While asserting that solid foundations were in place and stating he was very confident in the progress being made, Samaranch called for Beijing 2022 to utilise the knowledge of the federations.

"Their presence confirms an increased role of the International Federations in delivering the Games as part of the New Norm and Agenda 2020," the Spaniard said.

"It is very important to have the Federations to ensure we have the specialties present.

"Test events will be the next big thing.

"We will discuss that in detail with the International Federations during these two days.

"There is no reason to fear what is coming.

"You know how to do it and you are already holding many international competitions.

"But, let me insist on the importance of collaborating with International Federations.

"They have the competence, the experience of delivering all of the events which will be organised.

"Some of them are historically and traditionally not Chinese sports.

"Take advantage of them being here and throughout the period."

Each of the winter international federations have been represented here in Beijing ©ITG
Each of the winter international federations have been represented here in Beijing ©ITG

Beijing 2022 have so far arranged 20 events to be held prior to the Games.

These will be staged between ten and 24 months before the action begins and will include 15 Olympic test events and five Paralympic events.

The first will be held at the National Alpine Ski Center in February 2020.

Three venues have been chosen as pilot venues - the National Aquatics Center, also known as the Water Cube, in Beiijing, the National Alpine Ski Center in Yanqing district and the Genting Resort Secret Garden in Zhangjiakou.

An operational plan is expected to be devised by organisers in the coming months.

Beijing 2022 officials stated that they were seeking to meet the standards required, utilising the International Federations' expertise and any recommendations which could be put forward over the coming days.

They also stated that authorities in both Beijing and Hebei Province, in which venues are located, have pulled resources together to ensure the successful delivery of the Games.