Kate Caithness was approved for a third term as President ©WCF

Kate Caithness was formally re-elected as President of the World Curling Federation (WCF) as members voted to change the format of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship.

Scotland's Caithness was running unopposed to a third term so her election at the organisation's Annual General Assembly in Budapest was a formality.

She is one of only two female Presidents of an Olympic sport alongside triathlon's Marisol Casado. 

From the 2019 to 2020 season the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship will change from an open-entry format to a 20 team World Championship with a separate open-entry World Challenge.

Meanwhile, for the 2020 worlds, 16 teams will qualify from the previous year's competition while the remaining four teams will qualify from the World Challenge.

"After a healthy debate, our members have tasked the Federation with adopting a new format for the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship - our newest Olympic Winter Games discipline - to improve its elite status," said Caithness, who was voted back in unanimously and will serve another four-year term.

"This has been a particularly special Congress and Annual General Assembly for me, as I begin my third term in office."

WCF President Kate Caithness offered a
WCF President Kate Caithness offered a "warm welcome" to new provisional member, Nigeria ©Getty Images

"Dedicated curling facilities have always been and will continue to be my priority, however knowing how quickly the last eight years have passed, I must look to the future regarding succession planning to ensure when it is time for me to hand over the baton, the knowledge and experience I have gained during my terms in office will be passed on to my successor."

It was also announced that Nigeria has been voted in as a provisional member of the WCF, therefore becoming the first African member. 

Beau Welling from the United States was voted in as a new board director, replacing the retiring Andy Anderson. 

Caithness said she was "delighted" to welcome him onto the Board. 

She also extended a "warm welcome" to Nigeria.

Other changes announced during the Assembly included the decision to hold the Americas Challenge in October/November in future rather than January, and increasing the number of mixed teams able to compete at the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympics from 16 to 24.