The PSA has announced new possibilities for streaming live squash action next season ©PSA

Live coverage of squash matches, currently being shown on SquashTV, will also be streamed live worldwide next season onto "smart" courts.

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) has announced it is collaborating on this project with Munich-based company interactiveSQUASH.

Coverage from the world's biggest squash tournaments will be streamed on the front wall of interactiveSQUASH's innovative smart courts via the implementation of a SquashTV application which, when activated, will give the user access to the stream.

"The fully-integrated application will enable all squash clubs in possession of an interactiveSQUASH court to utilise their system to project matches and ensure squash fans catch all the action from the PSA Tour," a PSA release read.

"To be launched during the 2018-2019 season, this feature will be made available with a free automatic update to interactiveSQUASH courts worldwide.

"The PSA and interactiveSQUASH have already collaborated on the development of the 'MoTrack' system, which allows for real-time analysis of player and ball behaviour, while a fully interactive front wall was used during June's ATCO PSA Dubai World Series Finals to display player stats, replays, entertaining games, visual effects and sponsors' content and branding.

"This new feature is the latest example of the PSA adopting new technologies to improve the presentation and broadcast potential of the sport, with the association recently agreeing on a deal with Sports Data Labs which will see squash become the first professional sport ever to make in-game physiological data assets available for commercialisation."

What the new interactiveSQUASH feature will look like in enabled smart courts around the world as from next season ©PSA
What the new interactiveSQUASH feature will look like in enabled smart courts around the world as from next season ©PSA

England's former world number one Lee Beachill, the PSA's chief operations officer, said: "Our relationship with interactiveSQUASH has enabled us to illustrate just how explosive squash is whilst simultaneously allowing us to prove the incredible fitness of our athletes through a pioneering statistical tracking system which we successfully trialled last season.

"We are excited to explore that relationship further and, through the use of interactiveSQUASH’s innovative smart courts, we will be able to target club players and convert them into followers of the professional game.

"The PSA have made significant strides in terms of broadcasting and athlete data capture over the past 12 months and we remain committed to taking advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure that squash is at the forefront of innovation."

interactiveSQUASH founder Markos Aristides Kern added: "With the large number of new players that our invention brings to the sport, it is very important for us to also convert some into professional athletes of the sport.

“This new feature not only allows children and other players to watch the professionals perform, but also makes it much easier for clubs to organise events around the matches and tournaments.

"Together, this all leads to a stronger community and participation within clubs and a source of inspiration for the next generation of players."