The Nigerian Taekwondo Federation has reached agreement for a major competition ©NTF

The Nigerian Taekwondo Federation (NTF) has agreed a deal with the South Korean Embassy in the country to host a major competition.

A tie-up has been arranged through the Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria which means the Ambassador Cup Taekwondo Championships can again be staged.

Action will take place in capital city Abuja between October 4 and 6.

NTF secretary general Yusuf Kabir told Nigeria's The Sun that "efforts are in top gear to deliver another world-class event to the taekwondo community in Nigeria".

Nigeria will host the major tournament in Abuja ©NTF
Nigeria will host the major tournament in Abuja ©NTF

More than 400 athletes are expected to take part from across West Africa.

Juniors will be featured at the Championships, which has run since the 1980s, for the first time.

"The latest Daedo technology and World Taekwondo rules will be used for the event, which will mark the first time the latest technology and rules will be used in a national senior event in Nigeria, after it is debuted at the upcoming National Youth Games in Ilorin, Kwara," said Kabir.

"We have been discussing and planning for this event all year, so we are ready to organise an event that will be very well-planned, competitive and technology-driven. 

"We thank the South Korean Embassy for their continued investment in the development of taekwondo in Nigeria."