The Learn to Skate USA development programme has boosted membership levels ©Learn to Skate USA

US Figure Skating have announced their second-highest membership total in the organisation's history following the success of their "Learn to Skate USA" development scheme.

A total of 192,110 members were recorded for the 12 month cycle ending June 30, 2018.

This marked a 4.2 per cent increase over the previous year and was second only to the 196,338 figure recorded for 2005-2006.

The latest breakdown consists of 133,959 Learn to Skate USA members, 57,778 full members and 373 "friends of figure skating".

The Learn to Skate USA programme, which is sponsored by Toyota, experienced its highest enrollment in their history over the last year.

Learn to Skate events have taken place across America ©Tamo Hockey
Learn to Skate events have taken place across America ©Tamo Hockey

They introduced more than 30 new programmes and experienced a 6.2 per cent membership increase. 

Thirteen of their programmes now boast more than 1,000 members and nearly 80 programmes have more than 400 members. 

The Rinx, in Hauppauge, New York, is the largest programme in the project, which is backed by US Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating.

Additional support is provided by Special Olympics and the Professional Skaters Association.