The VOC held the event at the Binh Yen High School, to teach children about the history of the IOC and the importance of the Olympic Movement ©OCA

Olympic Day has been has been celebrated by the Vietnam Olympic Committee (VOC) with a series of events, many of them targeted at youngsters. 

An event at Binh Yen High School in Dinh Hoa district featured a quiz on the Olympic Movement, a 1500 metres run, traditional archery, tug of war, stilt walking and a game of throwing a cotton ball.

The ceremony was attended by various dignitaries, including secretary of the District Party Committee and chairman of the People's Council of Dinh Hoa District Luong Van Lanh, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Hoang Van Son and Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Le Thi Hoang Yen.

"Youth Olympic Day is organised to create a chance for children to understand the role and significance of Vietnam sport and the international Olympic movement, from which to set up a healthy lifestyle through the Olympic sport activities," Le Thi Hoang Yen said. 

This is the seventh consecutive year the VOC has held the event, aimed at promoting Olympic values in the community and allowing students to understand more about Vietnam and the Olympic Movement.