FIA President Jean Todt announced e-karting would be demonstrated at Buenos Aires 2018 ©FIA

International Automobile Federation (FIA) President Jean Todt has hailed a "significant step" for the organisation after confirming e-karting would be demonstrated at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

Todt made the announcement at the FIA’s sixth annual sport conference, which took place at Manilla in the Philippines.

The conference had the theme of "Empowering the Future: Unlocking Motor Sport’s Potential".

As part of the theme Todt highlighted the potential of electric karting, also known as e-karting.

He expressed a belief that e-karting showed the sport’s commitment to sustainability, as well as engaging with young people.

"E-Karting represents not only a new opportunity in terms of motor sport development," Todt said.

"It also demonstrates that the world is changing, and that we need to be a change-leader.

"E-Karting will be demonstrated at the Youth Olympic Games later this year in Buenos Aires.

"This marks a significant step for the FIA and its recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in January 2012.

"Let me remind you that the FIA is a member of the IOC's Association of Recognised International Sports Federations - the ARISF - and, in that respect, recognised as such by the IOC.

"We are here to support you in connecting and interacting with your National Olympic Committees.

"This will strengthen you as clubs and federations in your countries as the regulatory body for motorsport."

Several sport demonstrations will take place at the Youth Olympics ©Buenos Aires 2018
Several sport demonstrations will take place at the Youth Olympics ©Buenos Aires 2018

In addition to the full sport programme, squash and polo will be showcase sports at the Games.

The move is aimed at following on from the successful "Sports Lab" concept launched at Nanjing 2014.

Roller sports, skateboarding, sport climbing and wushu were featured in the Sports Lab at the second edition of the Summer Youth Olympics in the Chinese city.

Sports initiation, a concept where people can try out sports, will be organised in 30 sports which have a youthful focus.

This will include urban table tennis, bossaball, roller freestyle, baseball/softball, frontball and slackline.

The Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympics are set to take place between October 6 and 18.