By Tom Degun in New Delhi

October 2 - Michael Cavanagh, the chairman of Commonwealth Games Scotland, has told insidethegames that Glasgow will not make the same mistakes as Delhi when the city hosts the Commonwealth Games in 2014 as he revealed they will focus simply on getting the basics right.

Indian officials have faced huge criticism due to a series of problems based around a lack organisation.

The Athletes’ Village was described as "filthy and unfit for human inhabitation" leaving some teams threatening to boycott the event while a footbridge leading to the main stadium collapsed just last week injuring 24 people.

There have been further worries over security at the event with high profile athletes - including England’s triple jump world champion Phillips Idowu and Australian discus world champion Dani Samuels - pulling out of the competition following a recent shooting at a tourist site in Delhi.

Construction costs for the event have also skyrocketed with some estimates claiming organisers have spent as much as $10 billion (£6 billion) on the Games, leaving them well over budget.

But Cavanagh has vowed that Scotland will not fail where Delhi has due to the fact that the Scottish organisers will concentrate on getting the venues ready for the Games before they do anything else.

Cavanagh told insidethegames: "The one thing Glasgow does very well is get the basics right.

"It is a very well planned Games four years out as the Athletes’ Village is already under construction.

"The Village should be ready by January 2014, six months ahead of the event, so I think things involving construction will be done at a very early stage.

"I think the one area where we might struggle to match Delhi is the regarding the show that they will put on because they do a show very well here.

"However, I think that is part of the problem here because they focused so much on the show that they took their eye off the ball when it came to some of the basics like construction."

Cavanagh though, denied that the trouble in Delhi has damaged the Commonwealth brand as some have claimed.

He said: "There has been a lot of this talk about the Commonwealth Games brand being damaged by all this but I actually don’t believe that at all.

"We always knew that the Delhi Games were going to be very different.

"Yes, they got some things badly wrong in terms of some of the organisation but the rest of it is fine.

"Now, after Delhi, I think there is a real opportunity for Glasgow to go on and put on an incredibly well organised Games and put on a bit of a show too.

"But we’ll make sure the Games are organised first and then we’ll put the show on top of it all afterwards."

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