EOC have confirmed two marketing agencies have been working on securing sponsorship for the European Games ©EOC

The European Olympic Committees (EOC) have confirmed the appointments of sports marketing agencies Octagon and Altius to support the European Games.

The EOC confirmed at their seminar here in Belgrade, that the agencies have been working on the second edition of the multi-sport event since the start of the year.

Unlike the Baku 2015 European Games, where marketing rights were given to the host country, the EOC retained their rights for Minsk 2019.

Sponsorship revenue earned for Minsk 2019 will be split evenly between organisers and the EOC.

The appointment of the two agencies is now expected to help the EOC promote the Games and sell rights for the multi-sport event in the coming year.

Octagon, who state they are the largest sport’s marketing company in the world, have been working with the EOC to help develop their marketing strategy for the Games.

It is hoped the company, who boast over 30 years experience in the industry, will help to develop and strengthen the still fledgling event.

Octagon have worked on developing a global campaign for English Premier League football club Liverpool to help reach their fanbase worldwide.

The company have also helped brands such as Mastercard and Sony.

Octagon have sought to assess the existing marketplace and carried out an assessment on similar events, such as the Commonwealth Games and Asian Pacific Games.

The assessment has been aimed at devising the price and packages for comparable events, while seeing what could attract brands to become sponsors.

Coordination commission chair Spyros Capralos stated revenue would be split equally between the EOC and Minsk 2019 ©Getty Images
Coordination commission chair Spyros Capralos stated revenue would be split equally between the EOC and Minsk 2019 ©Getty Images

The company have devised a tiered strategy, which will see premium sponsorship sought, along with domestic partners acquired by Minsk 2019.

Altius will be responsible for securing the premium sponsorship for the Games, with each expected to raise more than 2 million (£1.7 million/$2.3 million).

It is claimed Altius will take a phased approach to securing sponsors, which could see the company use existing relationships through Minsk 2019 and the IOC.

Existing relationship, including with sponsors from Baku 2015, and strong Belorussian trade links to China and Turkey may also be utlised.

The organisation state they work alongside organisation to grow their revenue base, maximise commercial incomes and manage and develop their brands.

The UK-based company, founded in 2012, currently work with several national governing bodies in the country.

Their clients include British Cycling, Badminton England, England Athletics and British Ski and Snowboard.

The EOC state that work has already begun on developing and securing official licences for products for the Games, with Altius currently in the market to secure sponsors.

Some domestic sponsorship and partners have already been secured for next year’s Games, which will run from June 21 to 30.

It includes Ticketpro, who are set to act as the official ticket provider of the Games.

They will be responsible for a programme of ticket sales, which will set the cost, distribution, return and exchange of tickets.

Around 800,000 tickets are expected to be available for the Games.

Minsktrans were also named as a Minsk 2019 partner for road transport, with the company set to be responsible for providing buses for stakeholders in the Games, including athletes and coaches.