The INAS Governing Board met in Cairo ©INAS

The International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (INAS) have agreed to allow neutrals to compete and have extended a trial into new eligibility groups.

Both decisions were made as the organisation's Governing Board gathered for the first time in 2018 in Egyptian capital Cairo.

A neutral athlete policy has been set-up to allow athletes to compete if their country is not an INAS member nation.

They will be allowed to participate in "exceptional circumstances" with a full policy set to be developed and published in the coming months.

Eligibility trials have been ongoing in the II2 category for athletes with more significant impairments and at II3 for athletes with high-functioning autism.

They were introduced for swimming and table tennis last year and added at the INAS Indoor Athletics Championships and INAS World Alpine and Nordic Skiing Championships for 2018.

It has been agreed to continue the trials and, although II2 was initially limited to athletes with Down syndrome, research is underway regarding expanding the group to athletes who have intellectual together with further impairments.

Trials over eligibility will continue at INAS events ©INAS
Trials over eligibility will continue at INAS events ©INAS

Elsewhere, INAS also discussed their events programme and how competitions can be improved from an athlete and stakeholder perspective.

Annual accounts for 2017 were approved and the need to generate more income through partnerships and fundraising was highlighted.

Catherine Fayollet of France and Dave Harman of Ecuador were appointed as chairs of the INAS Medical Committee and INAS Global Games Committee respectively.

A reorganisation of the Anti-Doping Committee is currently being implemented to ensure "greater accountability and focus on individual's strengths/experience".

Updates were received on the 2019 INAS Global Games in Brisbane.

The Governing Board will next meet in September in Madrid.