A forum was held to discuss issues around intellectual property in sport ©UAE NOC

United Arab Emirates National Olympic Committee (UAE NOC) have organised a forum focused on intellectual property in sports.

The event,at the Pullman Dubai City Centre. was arranged by the UAE NOC Academy, with eight topics reviewed over two days of proceedings.

"I welcome you to this scientific event, which deals with many important topics related to intellectual property and its relation to sport," Abdul Malik Jani, the Academy director, said.

"The important topics include identifying fundamental issues and concepts that we always need it during our work time, which requires us all to know everything new in sports at all levels.

"It was always our responsibility to enter into a constant challenge with ourselves to look for the best scientific topics that will benefit our children from athletes or administrators or those involved in sports.

"From the very beginning, we have been keen to collaborate with specialists in all fields to take advantage of their experience in the courses and scientific events that we organise throughout the year, which reflects the role of the Academy fostering successful partnerships always.

"I take this opportunity to thank Dhahi Khalfan Intellectual Property Centre and the Emirates Intellectual Property Association, chaired by His Excellency Major General Dr. Abdul Qudoos Abdul Razaq Al Obaidly for their outstanding role and contributions in this vital field."

The importance of the intellectual property for various sports institutions and sports brands were among the topics discussed.

A focus was also placed on issues surrounding sports imitation products.

A lecture was given on the historical development of the intellectual property and introducing it and its sections, led by Emirates Intellectual Property Association member Mohammed Bakr Estitiya.

Eight topics were covered during the forum ©UAE NOC
Eight topics were covered during the forum ©UAE NOC

He claimed there was a growing importance in raising the awareness areas of intellectual property through providing counselling and awareness campaigns.

Kareema Ahmed Hussein then spoke on the relationship between intellectual property and sports institutions, reviewing areas such as sports technology, industrial designs and patents.

She outlined how competitive sport has become a global industry, thanks to intellectual property rights and the cooperation between the media, sponsors and sporting authorities.

"The importance of the form stems from the fact that it offers an ideal platform for discussing various intellectual property issues and their importance in supporting sport and sports organisations," said Obaidly.

"It shows the importance of cooperation between all stakeholders in strengthening the procedures of intellectual property, which in turn protect investment in innovation and creativity.

"Through the Forum, we seek to develop policies and structures that define intellectual property rights in sport and discuss the best practices of intellectual property to enhance the efficiency in this regard.

"Such objectives can be achieved by raising the awareness of sports institutions about the commercial fraud of sports products and the violation of property rights in sport.

"Thus, it contributes to the advancement of sport and enables sports organisations to make more achievements."