Delegates have been inspecting venues for this summer's African University Games ©FISU

Members of the Federation of African University Sports (FASU) have been visiting venues for the ninth edition of the African University Games at the Mekelle University in Ethiopia.

One of those present at the inspection was FASU secretary general Peninnah Kabenge, who said the University was ready to host the Games in June.

"Mekelle University is ready for the ninth FASU Games," he said.

"There are impressive sports facilities.

"There will be professionally trained volunteers and I believe this is going to be more than a sporting event in the African capital."

Mekelle University will host the African University Games ©YouTube
Mekelle University will host the African University Games ©YouTube

In addition to this visit by FASU delegates, 100 volunteer students, in collaboration with the International Youth Federation, took part in various initiatives to promote sport and the environment.

The volunteers carried signs around the streets of Mekelle that read "It's my Ethiopia cleaning campaign".

Members of charity organisations, Mekelle University management and regional administrators also took part in the initiative.

The African University Games are set to take place from June 2 to 6.