NTF President Margaret Binga was named best female referee at the Egypt Open ©NTF

Nigeria Taekwondo Federation (NTF) President Margaret Binga received the Best Female Referee award at the Egypt Open.

The official was invited to officiate at the event, which took place in Egypt's capital city Cairo.

Binga was named NTF President last September, becoming the first woman to hold the position.

The top role has not stopped Binga from continuing as an international referee, with the two-time African Games gold medallist seeking to be promoted to a grade one standard.

Her officiating at the Egypt Open was aimed at securing more points to achieve a higher ranking.

African Taekwondo Union President Ahmed Fouly praised the dedication of Binga to the sport, before presenting her with the award.

"It is amazing that Mrs Binga still finds the time to perform her international referee duties and at the same time shepherd such a high level of taekwondo activities back in Nigeria," he said.

"We are keenly following the flurry of activities in Nigeria and it is very commendable.

"Her performance as a referee at this event is only a testament to her constant drive to achieve excellence while working hard."

African Taekwondo Union President Ahmed Fouly presented Margaret Binga with the award ©NTF
African Taekwondo Union President Ahmed Fouly presented Margaret Binga with the award ©NTF

Binga has claimed she hopes the award will help to inspire referees in Nigeria, with the NTF targeting recruiting 100 new officials over the next fours years.

"Nigeria has good referees but we would want to step up their training so more of us can take our place on the world stage," Binga said.

"This would require a lot of work and I hope that awards like this can motivate us more towards this aim."

While Binga refereed at the event, no Nigerian athletes were competing.