GoDaddy will sponsor 12 events on the ITTF calendar ©ITTF

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) have announced that they are expanding their sponsorship agreement with cloud service provider GoDaddy.

It means the number of ITTF events sponsored by GoDaddy will increase from five to 12.

The ITTF decided to expand the partnership with GoDaddy after they deemed last year's work between the two parties a success.

According to the ITTF, the link-up helped grow both table tennis and GoDaddy's presence worldwide.

As part of the new deal, GoDaddy will be the major event sponsor and daily review sponsor for ITTF's digital platforms for nine World Tour competitions.

This will include the Qatar and China Opens and three World Cup events, including the Team World Cup, which takes place in London later this month.

ITTF President Thomas Weikert said he was pleased with the new agreement.

"We are pleased to expand our sponsorship agreement with GoDaddy for this year, and the opportunity to work together on more events," he said.

"Table tennis has an increasingly strong presence around the world and the broad exposure can help global brands such as GoDaddy achieve their sponsorship goals."

Roger Chen, vice-president of the Asia-Pacific region arm of GoDaddy, added: "Table tennis has been popular in Asia and is growing in other countries.

"GoDaddy is pleased to be working again with the ITTF this year, sponsoring table tennis tour events in countries around the world.

"Extending our sponsorship to 12 events this year gives us the opportunity to raise global awareness about GoDaddy and the value we provide in helping people create a powerful online presence for their venture."