US Lacrosse will organise the 2021 FIL Women’s World Cup ©FIL

The Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) have announced that the United States will host the 2021 Women's World Cup at Towson University in Maryland.

The Women's World Cup is the major international tournament for female lacrosse with more than 30 countries taking part at the event.

The 2017 Women's World Cup saw the US secure their eighth title by defeating neighbours Canada 10-5 in the final in English town Guildford.

US Lacrosse chief executive and FIL vice-president Steve Stenersen said his organisation were proud to have been chosen as hosts for the 2021 tournament.

"US Lacrosse is honoured to host the 2021 FIL Women's World Cup," he said.

"The opportunity to showcase the world's best players is a privilege, and we look forward to presenting the best of our sport to what promises to be record attendance and unprecedented media attention."

Unitas Stadium will host the main events of the tournament ©Towson University
Unitas Stadium will host the main events of the tournament ©Towson University

FIL President Sue Redfern added: "On behalf of the FIL Board and our 60 member nations, I would like to congratulate US Lacrosse on their winning bid to host the 2021 FIL Women's World Cup at Towson University.

"FIL is confident that US Lacrosse will stage a memorable and successful tournament as they did with the 2014 FIL Men's World Championships and will continue to reach new heights in generating media, public interest and television coverage for this great event."

The Opening Ceremony, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final of the tournament will be held at Towson University's Unitas Stadium, which has a capacity of 11,198.

Preliminary rounds will take place on other pitches around the university campus.

The US, who have won the last three FIL Women's World Cups, are currently top of the world rankings ahead of Canada in second and England in third.