Roman Novikov, in glasses, has appealed for help in establishing sambo training for children with visual impairments ©FIAS

Roman Novikov, a member of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) Commission for the Promotion of Sambo among the Disabled, has said the organisation are looking to establish a training model of the sport for visually impaired and blind children.

In a meeting with Russia's Children's Rights Commissioner Anna Kuznetsova, Novikov said he was confident that his proposed model would form a basis for working with children suffering from visual disabilities at an international level.

He also emphasised that sambo already has an officially adapted version of the sport for visually impaired athletes, and appealed for help from Kuznetsova.

"Over the years, I've been trying to develop sambo for the visually impaired," he said.

"Now we are trying to propagate sambo for visually impaired children by attracting boarding school students to our clubs and by proposing sambo training courses during physical education lessons at schools.

FIAS held a tournament for visually impaired boys and girls in December ©FIAS
FIAS held a tournament for visually impaired boys and girls in December ©FIAS

"Regrettably, the practice of coaching sambo at special boarding schools is still rather embryonic in Russia.

"Therefore, we are keen to garner your support in this effort."

Kuznetsova added: "What you are doing is of paramount importance.

"It is essential for children with disabilities who study at special schools to have a wide range of sporting activities to choose from.

"Besides, it is often rather compelling for graduates of such schools to find their place in adult life and, at this point, enthusiasm for sports along with the caring attitude of a coach could play a decisive role."