Goalball has been added to the GUSA Games programme ©GhanaManSports

The Ghana University Sports Association (GUSA) Games 2018, taking place at the University of Development Studies, has introduced goalball to its programme.

The GUSA introduced the Paralympic sport oto its event this year with Catherine Ugevwe, captain of the gold medal-winning University of Ghana goalball team, expressing her delight at its inclusion.

"To us, it’s not a Paralympic sport, it the inclusion of these blind students who deserve to be part of the fun that is the GUSA games," she said.

"It’s also a building format for the future of Ghanaian sports.

However, she also called on GUSA to improve the sport’s setup.

"Goalball is already a recognised sport in the world and people know about it, but in Ghana they have limited us, in most schools where I have played, they use banners instead of carpets and one can easily get hurt," Ugevwe said. 

The 25th edition of the GUSA will see 1,500 athletes take part in a variety of sports ©FISU
The 25th edition of the GUSA will see 1,500 athletes take part in a variety of sports ©FISU

Ugevwe added: "I believe GUSA should come up with some solution for the schools so that we can have a safe competition.

"It’s an indoor sport and should not be played outside."

This year’s Games are based on the theme of national development.

Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye, vice chancellor of the University for Development Studies, claimed the theme was appropriate given sport’s contribution to Ghana’s economic growth.

Acting GUSA President Ben Osafo believes that his organisation must now develop from hosting local competitions to international ones, such as the Federation of African University Sports Games.

The Games, which started last week, are currently hosting 1,500 athletes who are taking part in sports such as football, basketball, table tennis and hockey.

The event is set to continue until January 20.