The CMAS has presented a project to the European Parliament ©CMAS

A World Underwater Federation (CMAS) project entitled the "Blue Helmets of the Sea" has been presented to the European Parliament.

The project, which aims to address concerns over pollution and damage to the marine environment, was well received by European officials in Brussels, the CMAS claimed.

"We set up the Blue Helmets of the Sea to educate people to protect the marine environment, to promote sea cleaning campaigns and recover underwater hidden treasures," CMAS President Anna Arzhanova said. 

"Being received today by the European Parliament represents the real proof that this project is unique, special. 

"And I want to thank all people who attended with us today and all the people who cooperated with us to make this project reality."

Arzhanova led the delegation from the worldwide governing body in the Belgian city.

The presentation of the
The presentation of the "Blue Helmets of the Sea, led by Italian MEP Silvia Costa, took place at the European Parliament in Brussels and was well received, CMAS claimed ©Facebook

European Parliament vice-president David Sassoli claimed the scheme from the CMAS was "very innovative and successful initiative".

"It has allowed many young people to live authentic integration experiences with the concrete opportunity to work together with same ages migrants and with European operators for coordinated programmes of reconstruction, restoration and protection of underwater heritage," he added.

A screening of a video which introduced the project was held to open the meeting in Brussels.

A group of students, who presented their ideas and plans under the project, were also in attendance.

"This is a project unique in the world and it is necessary to remember that all the mankind needs to protect and share its cultural, naturalistic and environment heritages," added EU Parliament member Silvia Costa.

"And it is important that young people who experienced it in tragic conditions, today can live it in a different way, with underwater activities dedicated to cultural heritage."