Italy’s Silvia Bertagna has good memories of the German slope after securing her maiden victory 12 months ago ©Getty Images

Elite ski freestyle athletes from around the world will resume action at the Monchengladbach's Sparkassen Park tomorrow (December 1). 

Ski big air stars will have another chance to highlight their skills with two stars in particular holding fond memories of the location. 

Italy’s Silvia Bertagna claimed her maiden International Ski Federation (FIS) World Cup victory when the event was last held on the Sparkassen Park 12 months ago.

The then-30-year-old topped the standings with a score of 169.40 points, holding off a strong challenge from Sweden’s Emma Dahlstrom who finished runner-up with 162.20.

In the men’s event, Sweden’s Henrik Harlaut came out on top with a score of 177.00 points.

Switzerland’s Luca Schuler took second spot with 174.20 points, just 0.60 more than Norway’s Eirik Sateroy who came third.  

German freestyle snowboarders are aiming to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  

Nadja Flemming and Silvia Mittermüller have already fulfilled half the national Olympic standard, each with a top 16 place.

"Silvia is confident of a finals," said freestyle coach Michael Dammert.

The athletes have already started their training under light drizzle and dark clouds. 

Eight German men and Kea Kühnel will compete in the women's non-Olympic discipline at the ski freestylers. 

World-class athlete Lisa Zimmermann is missing due to her cruciate ligament tear last February. 

The 21-year-old slopestyle world champion of 2015, who finished third in Mönchengladbach last year, is worried about her participation in the Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

Sweden’s Henrik Harlaut came out on top the last time this event was in Monchengladbach in December 2016 ©Getty Images
Sweden’s Henrik Harlaut came out on top the last time this event was in Monchengladbach in December 2016 ©Getty Images

Ski and snowboard freestylers are keen to promote their sport this weekend with a packed programme, including two pop musis cobncerts. 

"It's about creating an image and making an investment in the future," said Snowboard Germany sports director and managing director, Stefan Knirsch.

This weekend also marks the home World Cup stage for Florian Preuss. 

The 25-year-old freeskier is the German champion in the big air and is looking forward to the show: "It's very special to have a World Cup so close to home, especially as we do not have that much snow in the lowlands," said the mechanical engineering student.

"The overall goal is Pyeongchan but I did not want to miss this", added Preuss, a member of the national team for five years.

The German criterion for Pyeongchang is two finishes in the top 15 or one in the top eight . 

"I have not fulfilled that yet, it is relatively tight at the moment and there are still three competitions to come, "Preuss said.

Among those competing in the freestyle are Germany's Kea Kühnel and Sabrina Cakmakli, Switzerland's Giulia Tanno and Sarah Hoefflin, Norway's Johanne Killi and Tiril Sjaastad Christiansen, Austrians Lara Wolf and Laura Wallner, Dominique Ohaco from China and Barbora Novakova, from the Czech Republic.

The men's section sees Preuss joined by compatriots Tobias Müller and Vincent Veile, Switzerland's Andri Ragettli, Jonas Hunziker, Fabian Boesch, Kai Mahler, Colin Wili and Elias Ambühl, Birk Ruud, Christian Nummedal, Ferdinand Dahl,  Eirik Sateroy and Oystein Braaten, Felix Stridsberg-Usterud, from Norway and Antoine Adelisse,  Oliwer Magnusson and Oscar Wester, from Sweden.