A big advertising campaign has been taking place in the Gold Coast to promote next year's Commonwealth Games ©Adshel

Tickets for next year's Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast are due to go off-sale tomorrow to allow organisers time to deliver an anticipated final major release of tickets next month. 

This month-long off-sale period is designed to provide more people with a chance to "Share the Dream" from April 4 until 15 with Gold Coast 2018 keen to identify as many additional tickets as possible at a time when venue seating plans are being finalised and tickets from Games delivery partners are returned to the general ticket sales pool.

During the next month all tickets sales to date will be assigned specific seats across all sessions and once the seat assignment process is completed, remaining tickets - including those which have been made available following the finalisation of venue plans - will then be made available on November 20 on a first-come, first-served basis by clicking here.

Gold Coast 2018 chairman, Peter Beattie made it it clear that general tickets going off-sale for a four-week period is a normal practice for most major events and that it will allow organisers to commence seat assignments,  finalise plans for each venue and allow as many tickets as possible to be available when they go back on sale. 

"The next ticket phase will continue the great response to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games ticket program that received an initial 1.2 million ticket requests and an overwhelming response during the first general ticket sales period," Beattie said.

Gold Coast 2018 tickets are due to be taken off the market tomorrow before they go back on sale on November 20 ©Gold Coast 2018
Gold Coast 2018 tickets are due to be taken off the market tomorrow before they go back on sale on November 20 ©Gold Coast 2018

Gold Coast 2018 chief executive Mark Peters said the organisation had been working hard to make as many additional seats as possible available to the general public.

"We were so pleased with the response from the community during the ticket request phase and we’ve spent the last three months working through seating plans at every GC2018 venue to finalise elements such as temporary structures, sight lines and camera positions to ensure we can make as many seats as possible available to those who don’t want to miss the chance to enjoy all GC2018 have to offer," said Peters.

"The tickets reallocated to the general ticket pool will be on a first-come, first-served basis, providing a great opportunity to get into some of the most in-demand sessions that have been oversubscribed since the ticket request phase."

Organisers have again stressed the importance of only purchasing GC2018 tickets from official sales channels.