The IOC has vowed not to comment on an "internal matter" ©AIBA

International Boxing Association (AIBA) President C K Wu has welcomed what he claims is a show of support from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after they opted not to intervene in the "internal" dispute rocking the organisation he heads.

An open letter from Wu's AIBA Executive Committee opponents had called on IOC President Thomas Bach to demand that Wu produce "full and open" accounting of AIBA finances. 

It followed a Swiss Court ruling late last month in which a request from the Interim Management Committee (IMC) - set up by the rival Executive Committee members - for urgent provisional measures to take over the running of AIBA was rejected.

The IMC label has consequently been dropped, although the opposition is continuing. 

"As a matter of policy the IOC does not respond to open letters," an IOC spokesperson told insidethegames.

"It has taken note of the court decision against the IMC in this internal AIBA dispute."

AIBA have welcomed this decision, which was also issued to them in a letter by the IOC Legal Department, and cited it as evidence of their support.

AIBA President C K Wu, right, alongside IOC counterpart Thomas Bach ©Getty Images
AIBA President C K Wu, right, alongside IOC counterpart Thomas Bach ©Getty Images

"I am very happy to receive the IOC's act of solidarity for the current governance of AIBA in alignment with the Swiss court's decision that the so-called IMC continues to disregard," said Wu.

"AIBA deplores the apparent disdain that these members have shown for AIBA and the law in their attempts to derail this organisation's work to implement our vision for boxing across the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle. 

"This is an important statement of support from the IOC as we attempt to finally put this episode behind us and ensure the continued upward trajectory of our sport and its perception around the world."

The IMC's London-based PR consultants Calacus have not yet responded to insidethegames' requests for a reaction today.

In July, a total of 13 of 15 members of the ruling AIBA Executive Committee opposed Wu at a meeting in Moscow before setting up the IMC in an attempt to bring about his removal.

The IMC then tried unsuccessfully to remove executive director William Louis-Marie, appointed to the role following last year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, "with immediate effect, for the sake of AIBA and its members".

An Extraordinary General Assembly is set to take place later this year in a bid to resolve the problems, but it is not yet clear where or when this will happen.

The rival Executive Committee members claim it will take place in Dubai on November 12.

Wu, on the other hand, still favours a Lausanne meeting later this month.