A scene from World Fencing Day ©FIE

The International Fencing Federation's (FIE) World Fencing Day was celebrated in several countries under the theme of solidarity.

Events saw Olympians brought together with those who were holding a sword for the first time.

Nepal saw the national fencing federation put on a demonstration for children and young people in a popular Kathmandu shopping mall, while in Moscow, World Fencing Day was included as part of the annual Day of the City celebration, with many young fencers showing their skills.

In New Zealand, the Auckland Swords Club organised a fencing match at the Sky City Tower, 192 metres above the city.

At the Swiss Cadet National Championships, Swiss Fencing and the Fencing Club of Lausanne opened their doors to the public.

World Fencing Day ambassadors Max Heinzer and Benjamin Steffen also offered fencing introductions and signed autographs in Switzerland. 

Many countries were involved in World Fencing Day ©FIE
Many countries were involved in World Fencing Day ©FIE

Several hundred Chinese children learnt fencing for the first time on a football field, with Hungarian Olympians sharing experiences and autographs with attendees in Budapest.

World medallists and Olympic fencers put on a show of dueling on the beaches of California.

Britain's involvement included a dueling scene in English county Cornwall.

In several countries, national fencing federations sent photos, videos, and stories of World Fencing Day to the FIE which were posted on social media.

Other countries involved during World Fencing Day on Saturday (September 9) included Angola, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Honduras, India, Libya, Nicaragua, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Puerto Rico, Russia, Rwanda, Turkey, Uganda and Venezuela.