Some of the participants in the competition for the Victor Koga Cup ©FIAS

The memory of Victor Koga, one of Japan's first sambists, was honoured at the first All Japan High School Sambo Championships.

A cup in his honour was presented by the Kyushu Sambo Federation and the Japan Sambo Federation at the Nishi Nippon Junior College High School.

Fifty-seven athletes from six high schools took part in all.

The winners received a diploma and a medal, with the most valuable players receiving a diploma, the Victor Koga Cup and a sambo DVD.

In the men's 62 kilograms, first place went to Tatsuo Yamaguchi from Nishi Nippon Junior College High School with his team-mate Nagisa Nishiyama winning the men's 68kg.

A scene from the competition for the Victor Koga Cup  ©FIAS
A scene from the competition for the Victor Koga Cup ©FIAS

In the men's 74kg, first place went to Kazuki Takeya from the same school, while Nishi Nippon also wrapped up the men's 82kg and 90kg titles thanks to Ryoga Yamashiro and Kota Abe respectively.

Thee men's over-90kg top prize went to Yuki Iwakawa from Tokai University Daigo Senior High School, while in the women's 57kg, first place went to Suzuno Sunamitsu from Kumamoto Chuo High School.

In thewomen's 70kg, first prize went to Natsuki Matsuoka from Kumamoto, with the school also winning the over-70kg prize thanks to Akari Shiraishi.

The cup recipients were Abe for the men and Matsuoka for the women.