Family traditions are important in US taekwondo  ©USA Taekwondo

American Sarah Seiber has followed her father John into taekwondo refereeing.

John studied under former USA Taekwondo referee chairman Grand Master Koang Woong Kim and was himself a competitor during the 1970s. 

His refereeing career began at local events in 1980 and has continued ever since.

"Once the competition days were done, I always felt like I had the best seat in the house as a referee," he said to USA Taekwondo's website. 

"I have coached a lot as well and enjoy that, but as a referee my skills determined what events I got to officiate."

John Seiber refereeing in the United States ©USA Taekwondo
John Seiber refereeing in the United States ©USA Taekwondo

 John later served for more than four years as the referee chair and enjoyed the growth in referee numbers.

However, his biggest pleasure is teaching seminars and camps, working with new referees and seeing their progress.

Sarah also competed in the sport, winning a bronze at her very first National Championship in 2008 and later a gold medal.

"I think Sarah certainly noticed the fun that I had when we travelled to events," John added.

"I feel she naturally took to it and has done a very nice job at her experience level." 

An ankle injury curtailed Sarah's taekwondo career.

"As a competitor growing up in taekwondo I really liked seeing the relationship that my father had with all the referees," she said.