LOC chief executive Michael Muller said that the controversy currently surrounding AIBA has not had a detrimental effect on the 2017 World Championships ©DBV

The chief executive of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the 2017 International Boxing Association (AIBA) World Championships has insisted that the preparations and running of the event here were unaffected by the controversy surrounding the global governing body in recent months.

The Championships, which are scheduled to conclude tomorrow, have taken place under a cloud.

It comes after a total of 13 of 15 members of the ruling AIBA Executive Committee opposed President C K Wu at a meeting in Moscow in July before setting up a rival Interim Management Committee (IMC) in an attempt to bring about his removal.

An Extraordinary General Assembly is likely to be held in October in Lausanne at which national governing bodies - as statutes dictate - will decide on whether Wu retains his position.

The IMC claim this crucial meeting, however, will take place in Dubai on November 12 and would like a pre-meeting to be held in the same city on September 23.

Despite the uncertainty, LOC chief Michael Muller said it has not had a detrimental effect on the Championships.

"From our point of view, we concentrated on the World Championships as organisers," Muller, who is sports director and general secretary of the German Boxing Federation (DSV), told insidethegames.  

"We made no politics, especially no sports politics.

"It's better if it's quiet [during the event], but it's not our decision or our possibility to say 'please be quiet and stop the discussion.'"

Jürgen Kyas, the LOC and DSV President, is one of the Executive Committee members opposed to Wu.

Both he and the 70-year old Taiwanese attended the opening press conference of Championships last Friday (August 25).

DSV President Jürgen Kyas, left, and AIBA counterpart C K Wu both attended the opening press conference of the 2017 World Championships last Friday ©AIBA
DSV President Jürgen Kyas, left, and AIBA counterpart C K Wu both attended the opening press conference of the 2017 World Championships last Friday ©AIBA

IMC member Pat Fiacco claimed at a press conference on Sunday (August 27), however, that Wu had barely spoken to Kyas up until that point.

"We’re not going to allow what’s happening to interfere with the success of these Games," the Canadian said.

"We’re here to support Mr Kyas, President of German boxing and leader of the Local Organising Committee, 100 per cent.

"We can’t say the same for the President.

"He hasn’t shared two words with Mr Kyas since he’s been here.

"That is disrespectful."

Asked about the current relationship between Kyas and Wu, Muller said: "I think they had a professional way in the press conference after the signing of the host agreement.

"They shook hands and I think it’s okay."

Wu insisted two days before the Championships that all members of the IMC would be free to attend the event following claims that some had been denied accreditation.

AIBA lawyer Jean-Marc Reymond sent a letter, seen by insidethegames, in which he criticises "unjustified and unfounded" accusations.

Reymond also highlighted that the LOC responsible for processing accreditation is chaired by Kyas.

The Swiss courts are expected to rule this month on who has the right to run AIBA.