The first Moroccan beach sambo tournament has been held in Casablanca ©FIAS

Casablanca held Morocco's first beach sambo competition, which attracted 60 athletes across the different age and weight categories.

The event took place at Ain Diab, the city's most popular beach destination.

It also allowed locals to see a demonstration of the sport on sand and residents were able to try the discipline.

The International Sambo Federation (FIAS) claim it was a good advertisement for sambo among Moroccans and tourists who were on the beach that day.

"Almost from the very beginning of the competition, fans from all over the beach began to draw to the site where they passed," said Royal Moroccan Sambo and Taijitsu Federation (RMSF) Preisdent Dalil Scully.

The competition in Casablanca was described as a huge success by the FIAS ©FIAS
The competition in Casablanca was described as a huge success by the FIAS ©FIAS

"People who came to sunbathe on the beach saw a new and exciting action and were very interested in what was happening. 

"In a short time the tournament gained a huge number of active spectators: they not only watched the fights, but also welcomed the winners, and also encouraged the most liked participants."

The event was organised by RMSF and was staged under the patronage of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Morocco.

The FIAS were also involved in the organisation of the competition.

The worldwide governing body said it was a huge success in a "lively and festive" atmosphere.

Following the positive outcome of the inaugural event, Morocco plans to continue holding similar sambo tournaments in the future.