The London Marathon Charitable Trust have awarded over £800,000 in grants to community sports projects ©Getty Images

More than £800,000 ($1 million/€883,000) in grants have been awarded to community sports projects by London Marathon Charitable Trust, the organisation has confirmed.

A total of 18 projects have received grants, with projects in London, Surrey and South Northamptonshire set to benefit.

The Trust claim they support organisations with a clear commitment to getting people more active and effective strategies for helping people to build physical activity into their daily lives.

Funding has been put towards providing new and improved facilities which encourage and support people who are currently inactive to participate regularly in physical activity, sport and play.

"Our grants programmes are aimed at supporting projects that help get people of all ages and abilities off the couch and participating in a wide range of sports and physical activities and there are some fantastic examples of this in the latest round of grants," Sarah Ridley, chief grants officer of the London Marathon Charitable Trust, said. 

The Claremont Project in Islington has been given the largest grant, with £150,000 ($194,000/€165,000) set to go towards turning their London borough’s community centre into a building more suitable for the elderly and vulnerable.

Paul Stanfield, chief executive of the Claremont Project, claimed the funding would have a major impact on the community.

"We are truly delighted The London Marathon Charitable Trust is supporting our building’s transformation and it will make a huge positive impact on many lives," he said.

"True to the spirit of the London Marathon, our activities are about aspirational physical endeavours as well as real friendship and mutual support.

"We look forward to facilities which will enhance and extend our provision to older Londoners and build upon the principle that we all matter as human beings and can flourish together."

The trust support projects aimed at getting people more active ©Getty Images
The trust support projects aimed at getting people more active ©Getty Images

Other major grants include £100,000 ($129,000/€110,000) to the Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club - towards improvement of 10 tennis courts across three sites in Kingston-upon-Thames, while the Corbets Tey School in Havering has received £50,000 ($65,000/€55,000).

Their grant will be put towards an indoor soft-play facility for use by pupils and other community members with complex learning and physical needs.

In total, projects in London boroughs have received £539,968 ($700,111/€596,070), while £267,000 ($346,000/€294,000) has been awarded to five projects in Surrey.

The final £10,000 ($13,000/€11,000) was awarded to the Middleton Cheney Parish Council in South Northamptonshire for playground improvements.

The London Marathon Charitable Trust was created in 1981 by Chris Brasher and John Disley, the founders of the London Marathon, to to raise money for sport and recreational facilities.