Ukraine hosted a national referees seminar ©FIAS

The Ukrainian National Sambo Federation held a seminar for referees and coaches to increase standards.

The seminar took place in Vyshgorod, with around 50 professionals from 13 regions in attendance.

Held over four days, the seminar consisted of theory and practical sessions, which were held both on the mat and through video clips.

Anatoly Kantur, Aleksandr Marukhenko, Konstantin Khalan and Sergey Shpilev were among the experts on hand to offer advice, with the quartet having worked at the European Championships in Minsk.

Kantur, the chairman of the All-Ukrainian Referees Association, claimed the seminar was important to continue to increase standards.

"Over the last years the International Sambo Federation has improved organisation greatly, we must keep this pace," said Kantur.

"Refereeing is no exception.

"It's an essential part of sambo promotion.

"Referees must provide a good role model for the young generation, making sure that their competency, behaviour and appearance meet the highest standards."

Video clips were used to help referees' understanding ©FIAS
Video clips were used to help referees' understanding ©FIAS

A written exam was held following the seminar, with 20 people earning national category certificates after passing.

The remaining attendees were all confirmed as first category referees.

Uniforms were also provided to the referees, which Kantur claimed would make the officials more "visually appealing".

National symbols are included on the design.

Licenced books have also been created to assist referees.

The seminar was attended by coaches, with the aim of increasing their understanding of sambo rules.