The streaker was eventually led off the track ©Getty Images

A streaker who sprinted down the home straight shortly before the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) World Championships 100 metres final here last night has been released without being charged, insidethegames has been told.

The long-haired man managed to leap on the track moments before participants including Usain Bolt and eventual winner Justin Gatlin entered the stadium for the blue ribbon event.

He had the words "Peace and Love" written on his chest and "For Mum" on his back.

After initially evading a lumbering security guard, he was eventually tackled forcibly and bundled into the infield before being hauled off the track by a posse of officials. 

The Metropolitan Police have decided to take no further action. 

"At approximately 21:30 on Saturday August 5 a naked man made his way onto the track at the London Stadium where the athletics have been taking place," they added in a statement issued on their behalf by venue operators London Stadium 185.

"The man was stopped by stewards and spoken to by police before the stewards escorted him off the premises."

The streaker initially sidestepped lumbering security before being tackled and restrained ©Getty Images
The streaker initially sidestepped lumbering security before being tackled and restrained ©Getty Images

Although common at sporting events, the ease with which the streaker reached the track was concerning given the increasingly strict security procedures supposedly in operation.

It was not the first time in which a major 100m final at the stadium had been disrupted by a spectator.

At the 2012 Olympics, a man who threw a bottle onto the track shortly before the final was fined £1,500 ($2,360/€1,743) and given an eight-week community order.

Ashley Gill-Webb was arrested after the incident that saw him shout abuse at eventual winner Bolt.

As Bolt prepared to get into the starting blocks, London's Thames Magistrates' Court heard that Gill-Webb shouted: "Usain, you are bad, you are an ****hole."

He then threw the plastic green Heineken bottle at the Jamaican as the race got underway.

The bottle landed just behind Bolt but it did not affect his performance as he went on to take the gold medal in an Olympic record of 9.63sec.

The ncident saw Dutch former world judo champion and London Olympic bronze medallist Edith Bosch, sitting nearby, have an altercation with Gill-Webb before he was dragged away by security personnel and arrested.