Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has claimed a deal could be done by Friday ©Getty Images

An agreement between Los Angeles, Paris and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the allocation of the 2024 and 2028 Games is "very, very close" and could be completed by next Friday (August 4), Eric Garcetti has claimed.

The Los Angeles Mayor told the Southern California News Group, however, that he thought a deal would already have been in place by now.

Garcetti again said Los Angeles was most likely to host the 2028 Olympics and Paralympics but insisted 2024 was "not off the table".

The 46-year-old, who has been a key player in Los Angeles' bid for the 2024 Games, also claimed negotiations with Paris and the IOC had been "harmonious".

The prospect of a double award for 2024 and 2028 was made possible earlier this month when plans received unanimous approval from the IOC at an Extraordinary Session in Lausanne.

It means that both Games are set to be awarded at the IOC Session in Lima on September 13.

The IOC are now to working with both the Californian city and the French capital to reach a "tripartite agreement" over who should host which event.

"We’re getting close, very, very close," Garcetti said.

"Our conversations have been going very well. 

"This coming week we should probably have things [settled] but I thought two weeks ago we'd have an agreement.

"Both cities have talked to them about '24 and '28, so '24 is not off the table, but we have talked about what we would need to engage for 2028.

"I'm optimistic that an agreement could be reached by next Friday, for sure."

The IOC Executive Board are due to be together in London this week for a joint meeting with the International Association of Athletics Federations ruling Council so a decision could be formally approved then. 

Garcetti, IOC President Thomas Bach and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo all joined hands in celebration when the double-award plans were confirmed at the Session.

Bach, who has spearheaded the proposals, then claimed negotiations would start immediately.

Eric Garcetti said the negotiations had been harmonious ©Getty Images
Eric Garcetti said the negotiations had been harmonious ©Getty Images

"The negotiations have been friendly and mutual," the Los Angeles Mayor added.

"It's just they have their systems and we have our needs but things are going great. 

"We have both been able to engage with them. 

"I know Paris has engaged with them too. 

"It has been a very harmonious negotiation, I’ll say that."

Under the approved plans by the IOC it was hoped that either Paris or Los Angeles would "raise their hand" and volunteer to host the later edition.

A separate candidature process would then be launched for 2028 during which a special IOC Evaluation Commission visit would be made.

This would be chaired by Switzerland's Patrick Baumann, head of the 2024 inspection panel.

This process would be completed before a final decision is made in Lima.

In June, Garcetti revealed that Los Angeles would consider accepting the 2028 Olympics in return for the IOC funding youth sports programmes in the city.

Bach had warned that the 2028 host should not expect significant concessions, however.

"With the State Government as a possible financial partner for 2028, we at the Legislative Analyst’s Office will be interested in whether any deal with the IOC increases the Games’ financial cushion," Jason Sisney, the state’s chief deputy legislative analyst, added.

"While the Los Angeles 2024 plan is refreshingly low-risk, we would be most pleased if the initial 2028 plan carries even less risk. 

"The reason: 2028 is a considerably more distant option – with all the unknowns that come with that – and managing risk should continue to be a priority for both the city and the state."

Los Angeles has previously hosted the Games twice, in 1932 and 1984.