Rob McLeod has resigned after controversial posts made on Twitter ©WFDF

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) have confirmed the departure of their director of global communications Rob McLeod following tweets he posted on the subject of gender issues.

McLeod posted from his personal Twitter account after the WFDF were criticised for failing to hire a female commentator for coverage of the World Games.

A petition was set-up calling for the removal of McLeod with more than 1,000 people signing.

One tweet referenced "not living in a patriarchy".

According to the petition, he also tweeted about a YouTube video by Stefan Molyneux, described as an "anti-feminist".

"As members of the ultimate community, we are appalled by the manner in which the WFDF Director of Global Communications, Rob McLeod, has carried himself on Twitter," the petition stated.

"He has made a series of insensitive comments, one such example a statement that, based on his personal experience and data, we 'don't live in a patriarchy'".

The WFDF have confirmed McLeod has resigned from his post, stating that he recognised he could no longer be effective as a spokesman for the organisation due to a loss of trust in his judgement.

The governing body have acknowledged his effort and passion for promoting the sport, but they said that McLeod's comments "were inappropriate and do not reflect WFDF's values or stated priorities".

"Rob has made many valuable contributions to WFDF and the global disc sports community through his work over the last year for which we thank him but, notwithstanding that, we at WFDF cannot tolerate comments by a staff member that conflict so jarringly with one of our core values, whether inadvertent or not," said Robert Rauch, WFDF President.

"Especially on the first day of The World Games, where we feature mixed gender ultimate comprised of teams with athlete rosters with equal numbers of men and women, such comments are discordant with our innate beliefs.

"At our most recent Board meeting we had approved the new membership of the WFDF Women in Sport Commission and we will task them with a complete review of this situation to see what more we should be doing both inside our organisation and throughout the community to do a better job on this."

A petition was established following Rob McLeod's posts ©
A petition was established following Rob McLeod's posts ©

The WFDF said that as they do not run the World Games, they have limited input into the structure regarding the television and live-stream broadcasts.

They put together a team led by Tom Styles, which provided commentary from the Olympic Channel’s headquarters in Madrid.

Hannah Pendlebury, a British ultimate player and organiser, was eventually added to the commentary team for the final two days of competition on July 22 and 23. 

McLeod, who has been dropped by frisbee uniform company VC Ultimate as an ambassador, has apologised for his comments.

"I apologise for my comments over the last few days," he wrote on Twitter.

"Given my role, I need to be more aware of the impact it can have and the perception it creates in the community.

"I am not the person many people have portrayed me as.

"I care deeply about creating opportunities for women and because of the discussion, some good has already come from it, with more to come."