USA Weightlifting have implemented a series of bylaws to improve governance ©USA Weightlifting

USA Weightlifting have implemented a series of bylaws, which the organisation claim will strengthen its governance.

The changes, which following yearlong project to review the governing document of USA Weightlifting, include measures aimed at fostering gender equality.

Under a new bylaw, the gender balance on the board of directors will not be able to fall to below 30 per cent of any one gender.

Currently the board consists of 30 per cent women, but USA Weightlifting have signalled their intention to achieve full general equality.

A measure was also put in place to ensure there is at least 20 per cent representation from each gender on any committee.

It was also agreed to create a diversity and inclusion committee, while the youth, sports medicine, compensation, competitions, half of fame, masters and local weightlifting president’s committees were all formalised.

The USA Weightlifting technical committee was also confirmed as an elected body of all national technical officials.

Each of the committees will now required to report to every board meeting, while they will all have a staff and board liaison.  

The inclusion of the relationship with the USA Weightlifting Foundation was also assessed, granting the organisation to review of their own bylaws.

Chief executive Phil Andrews hailed the changes, stating the improvements to governance brought the organisation closer together with the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF)  and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

USA Weightlifting have made a series of changes in a bid to boost gender equality ©Getty Images
USA Weightlifting have made a series of changes in a bid to boost gender equality ©Getty Images

“The new bylaws provide many improvements and clarifications on our governance as well as proactive steps particularly in the areas of gender equality, anti-discrimination, SafeSport, transparency and ethics management, together with gelling well with initiatives of the IWF, USOC and International Olympic Committee,” he said.

“A big thank you is extended to the Bylaw Review Group and our membership who engaged in this very important process.”

The taskforce was formed from USA Weightlifting membership, with Ari Sherwin acting as the chair and being joined by Roger Sadecki, Mario Dispenza, JP Nicoletta, Gerald Dunne, as well as athlete representatives Spencer Arnold and Matthew Bruce.

Votes were taken by the membership and board of directors during the National Youth Championships.

They also agreed to clarifying the standing of transgender individuals within the organisation, implementing governance standards on local weightlifting committees and prohibiting any employee from serving on the board until 5 years since their employment is elapsed.

Clarifications were also given on the qualification and role of independent directors, as well as membership and voting groups.

Those who have occupied Athlete Representative positions may transition to another membership category at the end of their terms and stand for fresh terms, while USA Weightlifting aim to add representatives to the IWF and Pan American Weightlifting Federation.