Tokyo 2020 are aiming to boost spectator experience with a series of innovations ©Getty Images

Tokyo 2020 chief technology innovation officer Eiji Uda hopes to provide added value to spectators attending events at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Uda believes technology which can been used to help calculate speed and distances could be utilised during competitions, providing fans with up-to-date information while in the crowd.

Analysis of team strategies in sports such as volleyball could also be highlighted, along with the players who have produced the most powerful and accurate shots.

He acknowledged the experience of viewing major sporting events on television or mobile phones has continued to be transformed in recent years, often rivalling the one experienced when attending the competition itself.

Uda believes providing fans with greater information at competition venues, would increase the value of attending sporting events.

“We really want to make it an actual benefit to the spectators who actually visit the venue,” he told insidethegames.

“We want to make it exciting.

“What we need to do is add value to being at the Games’ venues.

“This matters not just for the Olympics, but all kind of sports.

“They need to value up for spectators.”

While seeking to boost the sports presentation to enhance spectator experience in venues, Uda also welcomed working with International Olympic Committee (IOC) sponsors in the build-up to the Games.

Eiji Uda believes Tokyo 2020 can work with IOC sponsors to boost the Games and provide a strong return on their investment ©IOC
Eiji Uda believes Tokyo 2020 can work with IOC sponsors to boost the Games and provide a strong return on their investment ©IOC

Technology giants Intel officially joined the IOC's TOP (The Olympic Partner) Programme last week, with the company vowing to advance the Olympic experience for fans across the world.

They will focus primarily on using 5G, virtual reality 3D and 360 degree content development platforms.

Artificial intelligence and drones will also be used to "enhance" the Olympics.

The company will also provide technological and content support for Olympic Broadcasting Services' host broadcaster operations, as well as for the Olympic Channel.

It is claimed 5G platforms will be used at the Olympic Games to demonstrate how it can "transform communications" over the next decade, while it was claimed Intel 360 replay technology is set to allow fans to view action from every angle at the Olympic venues.

“Our efforts in this area have just started,” said Uda.

“When we look at the entire organisation, the main focus is on finalising the venues, so there has not been that much focus on technology and innovation so far, inside the entire organisation.

“However, the sponsors are much more proactive and positive, they really want to use this great opportunity.

“My core idea is this can all add value to the sponsors too.

“We want them to feel that sponsoring the Olympics provided a big return.”