Mexico are at risk of another suspension from FIBA ©FIBA

Mexico are at risk of another suspension from the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) unless they address a series of issues by an agreed timeline, the governing body has warned.

It came after a meeting of the FIBA Executive Committee, who also agreed to lift the suspension of the Brazilian Basketball Federation (CBB) provided they meet a number of conditions in the next two months.

The Mexican Basketball Federation (ADEMEBA) were suspended in November 2015, but were quickly reinstated two months later.

The FIBA Executive Committee received a report on the compliance progress made by the ADEMEBA and called on the implementation of the reforms to be "realised".

They agreed on a "timeline of actions with a strong emphasis on governance, financial guarantees and sports planning which ADEMEBA must comply with in order to avoid a possible reinstatement of the suspension".

However, no exact date for the ADEMEBA to meet the requirements was given by FIBA.

The ADEMEBA were initially suspended due to not being recognised by the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE) amid claims of Government interference in Mexican sport.

Their reinstatement came after the CONADE recognised ADEMEBA as the sole governing body for basketball in the country, paving the way for the country to compete at a qualifying event for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Mexico failed to qualify in either the men's or women's tournament.

There was better news for the CBB, who were suspended in November 2016, as the FIBA Executive Committee appear to have opened the door for potential reinstatement.

But the CBB were warned that "that the coming weeks are crucial for the future of the federation in order to comply with FIBA membership criteria".

Brazil could be reinstated by FIBA if they address outstanding issues in the next two months ©FIBA
Brazil could be reinstated by FIBA if they address outstanding issues in the next two months ©FIBA

"Its reinstatement as an active National Member Federation of FIBA is contingent on a number of actions and documentation - as agreed by Brazil’s basketball governing body - being delivered in the next two months," FIBA said in a statement. 

"Following this period, a decision will be made to determine whether or not CBB can be fully reinstated.

"FIBA will continue to provide support for the necessary reforms in the financial, sporting and governance aspects of CBB’s activities.

"FIBA is calling for the Brazilian basketball family to remain united towards the goal of ensuring the country’s international presence in the medium and long-term."

An update regarding their suspension had been given at the FIBA Mid-Term Congress in Hong Kong in May.

The CBB was exiled from FIBA as a result of a series of issues with the governing body.

This included non-participation in international competitions, including continental youth events and the 3×3 Senior World Championships.

Failure to organise a 3x3 World Tour event in Rio, as well as the cancellation of national level and important national youth tournaments, were other key factors in FIBA's decision.

Other concerns raised by FIBA focused on a "lack of full control of basketball in the country", with third parties deemed to have intervened in the selection and funding of national team activities, and outstanding payments to the worldwide governing body.