The WDSF has launched the first ever digital qualification system called "Breaking for Gold" ©WDSF

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) has launched the first Olympic "digital" qualification process as it aims to find break dancing competitors for Buenos Aires 2018.

The online platform, called "Breaking for Gold", can be found here and will see athletes upload videos of their break dancing routines.

Last December, the International Olympic Committee agreed to add three break dancing events to the schedule for the next Summer Youth Olympic Games in Argentina's capital.

The WDSF claimed the qualification system, which will aim to identify the world's best male and female breakers born between 2000 and 2002, is "without precedent" in Olympic sport.

A total of 12 dancers will compete in both the male and female competitions while there will also be a mixed team event. 

In the first stage of qualifying, each "b-boy" or "b-girl" will upload a one minute, unedited breaking video online.

The hopefuls will take part in a digital evaluation process, which will ensure they comply with basic rules and also involves registering themselves online.

Parental consent will be required in countries where it is needed, as well as documented proof of being born between January 1 in 2000 and December 31 in 2002.

Spread over three months, the first stage of qualifying is open to all breakers with no restrictions other than age.

Entrants have until July 31 to upload their video file.

All videos uploaded to the platform between May 1 and July 31 will be screened by moderators before being made available for public viewing.

A decision on the five males and five females per country, who will be eligible to enter the second stage of qualifying will be taken solely by expert judges.

Starting on August 1 and working online from their respective countries, 10 members of a judging panel will assess all of the videos.

They will establish the final standing per country and gender, identifying those who can then take the next step towards Buenos Aires 2018 by competing in one of three continental qualifiers held later this year.

"We were on a steep learning curve when it came to the development of the technology and the legal requirements associated with the digital qualifying process," said WDSF President Lukas Hinder.

"But the curve was even steeper when it came to addressing the b-boys and b-girls at large in the appropriate form and style."