The Tennis Integrity Unit has banned Konstantinos Mikos for life ©TIU

Greek tennis player Konstantinos Mikos has been banned for life after being found guilty of betting offences.

A Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) investigation found that the 25-year-old approached compatriot Alexandros Jakupovic in November 2013 and offered him money in return for losing nominated sets and games.

Jakupovic, banned for life himself in December 2015 after a separate investigation, was due to play at the Greece F20 Futures tournament in Rethymon.

Mikos was also found to have operated two gambling accounts through which bets were placed on tennis between March 2012 and December 2013.

Independent anti-corruption hearing officer Jane Mulcahy imposed the lifetime ban.

He will not be able to play professional tennis with immediate effect with the sanction also barring him for attending tennis competitions sanctioned by the sport's governing bodies.

Mikos' career high singles ranking was 933 in the world.

Tennis has faced a string of match-fixing problems ©Getty Images
Tennis has faced a string of match-fixing problems ©Getty Images

The sport has faced significant match-fixing problems, particularly at levels where prize money is low.

Tennis was the sport involved in 45 per cent of reported cases of suspicious betting during the first quarter of 2017, according to the European Sport Security Association.

In March, International Tennis Federation President David Haggerty announced plans for tours including a limit of 750 male and 750 female players.

It is thought that around 14,000 are currently competing among the full-time ranks, with nearly half of these failing to win any prize money.

This, it is thought, can cause some players to be tempted by corruption.