The United States won two of the four gold medals at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships ©ICU/Instagram

The United States won two of the four gold medals available at the 2017 International Cheer Union (ICU) World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando in Florida.

Teams from 70 countries competed in the prestigious event which took place at the Walt Disney World Resort.

It was the first ICU World Championships since the governing body received provisional recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in December.

The US team took home their two gold medals in the All Girl Premier and Coed Premier divisions.

Finland and Canada finished second and third respectively in the All Girl Premier event.

There was further success for Finland in the Coed Premier competition as they took the bronze medal, while Chinese Taipei took silver.

England and Chile took home their first gold medals in the All Girl Elite and Coed Elite events respectively.

Chile won the Coed Elite gold medal in Orlando ©ICU/Instagram
Chile won the Coed Elite gold medal in Orlando ©ICU/Instagram

The English team beat Germany and Slovenia, who finished second and third respectively, while England and Puerto Rico completed the podium in the Coed Elite category in that order.

"The World Championships represent the best of cheerleading and these athletes are our global ambassadors," said ICU President Jeff Webb.

"We are encouraged by the excitement and interest in cheerleading on an international scale and are dedicated to helping provide a foundation for all countries to build and strengthen their programmes."

The ICU's provisional membership to the IOC lasts for up to three years and can only be made full at an IOC Session, with the next taking place in September in Lima in Peru.

Until the sport is granted full membership, it cannot be considered for any part of the Olympic Games programme.