IJF Marius Vizer, third from left, has visited the Dominican Republic ©IJF

Marius Vizer, the President of the International Judo Federation (IJF), has visited the Dominican Republic to meet with officials in the country to discuss initiatives involving the sport there.

Among those who met with Vizer included representatives from the Dominican Federation of Judo (FEDOJUDO), Dominican Republic Olympic Committee (COD) and the nation's Ministries of Sports and Education.

Vizer proposed the establishment of an agreement to promote and develop judo throughout the country, while he also praised the policy of the Ministry of Sports and Recreation, led by Danilo Diaz Vizcaíno, to refurbish sporting facilities throughout the country.

Through that partnership, the IJF is set to support the opening of a regional development centre, which would serve as a model for other Caribbean nations.

"In the Dominican Republic, we have found a lot of understanding of the authorities and the desire to develop judo," said Vizer.

"There is a possibility that in the future, the country can host the Junior World Championships, as well as a Grand Prix.

"We also met with the President of the COD, Luis Mejía, and this was also a very positive discussion for the development of judo."

The COD, the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) and FEDOJUDO have launched a project at the Sor Angeles Vall High School, in the Nueva Barquita area, with the objective of strengthening the practice of the sport in the country's schools.

The delegation visited Sor Angeles Vall High School, where a judo project has been set-up ©IJF
The delegation visited Sor Angeles Vall High School, where a judo project has been set-up ©IJF

The project in Nueva Barquita is one of 15 that operate in the country and the IJF also visited the school during their visit.

An initiative of FEDOJUDO, the project has been sponsored by the IJF who provided a tatami, judogi and all the necessary equipment needed for judo to take place.

Minister Diaz Vizcaíno paid tribute to the work that has been carried out by the IJF.

“For the Dominican Government, the country and, above all, for judo, it is an excellent assessment made by the IJF," said Minister Diaz Vizcaíno.

"I assure that the agreement will be signed later, and in the future it will greatly benefit the development of this discipline in the Dominican Republic.

"We welcome the fact that the IJF, represented by President Vizer, is interested in opening a centre for the development of judo in our country, reaching today the Caribbean region."