Los Angeles 2024 has launched a volunteering programme ©LA 2024

Los Angeles 2024 leaders have unveiled an online programme which allows residents to volunteer during the bid phase for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The idea is for volunteers to aid communities in Los Angeles well before 2024 - providing benefits as the city battles against Budapest and Paris for the 2024 hosting rights. 

Anyone who signs up will receive priority consideration for volunteer opportunities during the Olympics and Paralympics if the American bid is successful.

This, bid leaders claim, will ensure volunteers in 2024 who are already dedicated and experienced, with a detailed knowledge of plans for the Games.

A statement today said the volunteers would be "ready to provide world-class service as a result of having been involved with the Bid Committee for up to seven years leading up to the Games".

Information on the volunteer programme can be found here

Los Angeles 2024 chairman Casey Wasserman said: "The LA 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be a celebration of all Angelenos and the diverse communities of Southern California. 

Casey Wasserman and Janet Evans have sung the praises of the LA 2024 volunteer programme ©LA 2024
Casey Wasserman and Janet Evans have sung the praises of the LA 2024 volunteer programme ©LA 2024

"Eighteen million talented, creative and caring Angelenos are our greatest asset for hosting the Games. 

"If Los Angeles is elected host city, tens of thousands of Angelenos would volunteer to support the events and welcome the world to our city. 

"But we're not waiting until 2024. 

"LA 2024 wants to use the power of the Games to galvanise volunteerism today, making LA an even better place to live for all Angelenos, well before the Games."

"On behalf of LA 2024, thank you to all of the organisations that are partnering with us on this programme.

"Together we will ensure that the legacy of the 2024 Games begins today."

Bid leaders will work with various companies and organisations to arrange the volunteering opportunities.

LA 2024 vice chair and director of athlete relations Janet Evans said: "Thank you to the hundreds of Angelenos who have already signed up to join LA 2024 as we give back to our communities and make a difference in our communities today. 

"We hope many more join us in this effort. 

"Shows of support like these bring to life what polls tell us - that an overwhelming 88 per cent of Angelenos want to bring the Games back to LA in 2024. 

"The Olympic enthusiasm that LA 2024 will harness to give back to our communities today is the same enthusiasm that athletes, fans and members of the Olympic Family can expect when they are warmly welcomed here in 2024." 

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will elect a host for 2024 at the IOC Session in Peruvian capital Lima on September 13.