The FIL has announced that three people have been appointed to the governing body's Development Committee ©FIL

The Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) has announced the addition of three new members to its Development Committee.

Jan Van Cauwenberge of Belgium, Canadian Wendy Cuthbert and Ya-Chen Sarah Lin of Chinese Taipei have all been appointed.

Cauwenberge is said to have had a "tremendous influence" on the development of lacrosse in Belgium.

His involvement began in 2009 where, in the course of one year, he played with the Red Rhinos, Belgium’s first lacrosse club, founded a club in his hometown of Ghent and served as its President and helped found the Belgian Lacrosse Federation (BLF).

In 2012, Cauwenberge served as President of the BLF and he currently sits on its Board.

He has participated in the European Championships as both a player and manager for Belgium.

Cuthbert has extensive experience in lacrosse as a player and through numerous administrative and directorial positions at various levels in Canada.

She has five years of indoor and six years of master’s indoor lacrosse playing experience.

Cuthbert has worked as a member, director and board member of a community lacrosse association in Ontario, while also serving as a zone director at regional level.

Jan Van Cauwenberge of Belgium is one of the three to have been appointed ©FIL
Jan Van Cauwenberge of Belgium is one of the three to have been appointed ©FIL

Lin, although not a lacrosse player herself, co-founded the Taiwan Lacrosse Association (TWLA).

Recently, she has been overseeing the task of introducing foreign sports to Taiwan.

Bob DeMarco, the FIL's Development Committee chairman, is pleased with the new Committee appointees and the "global perspectives" they will all bring to their roles.

"Jan Van Cauwenberge’s officiating background and his administrative involvement with both the Belgium Lacrosse Federation and the European Lacrosse Federation will be an invaluable addition to the FIL’s Development Committee," said DeMarco.

"Wendy's expertise in the women’s indoor game will be a great help in developing and improving stick skills in younger players throughout the world, and Sarah will be a tremendous resource to assist FIL’s present and future developing member countries."