Failue to meet a number of conditions has led to the expulsion of the Russian DanceSport Union from the World DanceSport Federation ©WDSF

The Russian DanceSport Union (RDSU) has been expelled as a member of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) after a deadline to fix a series of internal problems passed without sufficient results.

With the organisation still marred by controversy, the sport's global governing body has revoked its status as a member after the threat to expel the RDSU was first issued by the WDSF at its General Meeting in Rome in June.

The expulsion follows complaints from several Russian dancers and officials, who claimed that the RDSU was favouring one group over another.

Irina Petrova supposedly resigned as President of the organisation and has since been replaced by Denis Kuznetsov, however it appears failure to stage the Moscow Grand Slam last week was the final straw for the WDSF.

The WDSF urged Kuznetsov to ensure the Grand Slam event went ahead, however the governing body were informed that the competition, due to take place between October 26 and 30, would not take place after receiving a letter from Petrova.

"Hereby I confirm that RDSU is forced to cancel Grand Slam in Moscow, in October, 2016," the letter from Petrova read.

Russian dancers have been told they can still compete regardless of the national body's expulsion ©Getty Images
Russian dancers have been told they can still compete regardless of the national body's expulsion ©Getty Images

The RDSU was formed after the Russian DanceSport Federation had its recognition suspended by the Russian Ministry for Sports in 2011 following allegations of corruption.

"The President of the Russian DanceSport Union, Mrs Irina Petrova, the members of her Presidium, the Russian Ministry of Sport and the Russian National Committee were all given notice today of the expulsion of RDSU from membership in the World DanceSport Federation," read a statement on the WDSF website.

"The WDSF General Meeting held on 12 June 2016 had resolved by a majority of two thirds to expel the National Member Body for Russia and to suspend the expulsion until 31 October 2016, giving RDSU more than four months time to meet a set of clearly defined conditions and provisions.

"The suspension came into full force and effect on 1 November 2016, after RDSU had failed to meet these conditions and provisions, and after an unanimous vote was taken by the members of the WDSF Presidium."

WDSF President Lukas Hinder has assured Russian dancers they will still be able to compete internationally despite the national body's expulsion.