An agreement has been reached to end the blocking of Olympic Broadcasting Services assets in Rio de Janeiro ©OBS

Equipment belonging to Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) held for more than a month by Brazilian authorities has been released following the brokering of an agreement with the Public Ministry of Labour, insidethegames has been told.

OBS assets were blocked by a Brazilian court shortly before the Closing Ceremony of the Paralympic Games on September 18.

The decision was introduced to secure compensation for "possible damages to workers hired by OBS".

It impacted "financial resources, trucks, equipment and furniture" used during the Olympics and Paralympics. 

"The Brazilian Public Ministry of Labour (MPT) and Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) would like to announce through this joint release that they have reached an agreement to end the blocking of OBS assets in Brazil decided the day before the closing of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games," the two organisations told insidethegames in a statement.

"The MPT analysed all the information supplied by OBS during the process as well as the assurances provided by the company to comply with any potential judicial decisions resulting from legitimate claims that might be raised in the future by the professionals who offered their services for the world broadcast of the Rio Games.

"From such analysis, at the request of the MPT, OBS has committed to keep an account open in Brazil as guarantee for any future payment due to the workers, in the eventuality there were judicial decisions around this matter."

Madrid-based OBS have had their assets lifted by Brazilian authorities ©AFP/Getty Images
Madrid-based OBS have had their assets lifted by Brazilian authorities ©AFP/Getty Images

OBS will also make a contribution to the Rio-based NGO "RioSolidario" focusing on "creating employment opportunities and promote education and professional development among young people in risk situations in socially exposed groups".

An OBS spokesperson added that they "fully respect the great dedication with which MPT monitors the rights and working conditions of Brazilian workers", while also reiterating that they follow the "best work practices" in the international broadcast industry.

They deny any illegality or irregularity during its operations of broadcasting in Rio.

OBS, based in Spanish capital Madrid, was created by the International Olympic Committee in 2001 to serve as the host broadcaster organisation for all Summer, Winter and Youth Olympic Games.

More  7,000 technicians from 70 countries worked for OBS during Rio 2016.

They launched their new Olympic Channel on August 21, the final day of the Olympic Games.