IPC Shooting has prolonged its deal with electronic scoring systems company SIUS ©IPC

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Shooting has announced it will continue its partnership with SIUS as the official results and target systems provider for another eight years.

The company, a leading producer of electronic scoring systems, will provide services at regional, world and IPC World Cup events until 2024.

SIUS became the first official partner of IPC Shooting three years ago and has continued to support the sport following its growth since London 2012. 

The partnership has allowed live results to be available for all competitions allowing supporters to follow them simultaneously.

"We are delighted to be able to continue working with SIUS," said Sarah Bond, the IPC Shooting sport manager.

"The partnership has been invaluable for the sport and has allowed us to improve the standard of our competitions worldwide as well as our online presence by offering live results."

SIUS will continue to provide services at a range of IPC Shooting events until 2024 ©Getty Images
SIUS will continue to provide services at a range of IPC Shooting events until 2024 ©Getty Images

Bond added: "SIUS consistently provides the sport with high quality services that are integral to the continued development of the sport, both at competitions and in terms of reaching out to fans.

"We are looking forward to a continuous successful collaboration during the coming years."

The first use of the SIUS systems following the announcement is due to be at the opening 2017 World Cup event in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates on February 21.

"We are very proud and pleased to announce the extension of our agreement with IPC Shooting," said Daniel Isliker, the SIUS chief executive.

"Thanks to the good collaboration during the past few years we are looking forward to further successful years."