Los Angeles 2024 have claimed to have created the ideal environment to ensure the successful delivery of the Olympic Games ©Los Angeles 2024

Los Angeles 2024 have claimed to have created the ideal environment to ensure the successful delivery of the Olympic Games.

The assertion comes as the American city submitted the second stage of their candidature file to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which focused on the governance, legal and venue funding of their bid for the Games.

Los Angeles 2024 have stated their latest submissions highlights the extent of their partnerships with key organisations, including the United States Olympic Committee, the City of Los Angeles and experienced venue operators.

As a result, Los Angeles 2024 claim they would be able to “hit the ground running” and deliver the promised delivery and budget in the event they are awarded the Games next year, including achieving their priority of creating a personalised experience for the athletes.

It is hoped the environment would help to harness the city’s status as a global media, entertainment and technology hub, which has been viewed by the bid as key to connect the Olympic Games to the next generation of fans.

Their updated Games plan includes the media village and Main Press Centre being located at the University of Southern California (USC), having reached an agreement with the university to use the state-of-the-art site.

The centre would therefore be based on the downtown sports park, one of four parks unveiled by Los Angeles 2024 in their bid plan.

The Media Village at the USC’s new university village housing development would be within a five minute walk of the centre, which would be based at the Annenberg Hall and the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

“LA 2024 is grateful to USC for the use of their state-of-the-art campus for our media village and main press centre and to all our partners for their enthusiastic support for bringing an innovative and fiscally responsible Games to Los Angeles,” said Casey Wasserman, Los Angeles 2024 bid chairman.

“With part two of our candidature file, Los Angeles 2024 continues to align its plans with the strengths of our city.

“We are eliminating unknowns and ensuring we can deliver what we promise.

“Los Angeles 2024 is more optimistic than ever that we can create for the Olympic Movement a high-tech, low-risk and sustainable new Games for the new era of Olympic Agenda 2020.”

The Main Press Centre had previously been proposed to be based at NBC Universal's studio lot, which will continue as the site for the proposed International Broadcast Center.

Media facilities are due to be located among venues hosting 14 different sports, including the LA Memorial Coliseum, a temporary aquatics venue and Staples Center, which will host basketball should Los Angeles be awarded the Games.

Los Angeles 2024 have stated their bid enjoys 88 per cetn public support and have highlighted a range of robust city, state and federal legislation already in place to protect the integrity and the security of the Games.

They state that their enhanced Games Concept will require no additional construction for permanent venues.

The latest submission also includes information regarding the joint marketing programme agreement which was recently signed with the USOC, along with newly enacted California legislation to provide $250 million (£192 million/€222 million) in support in the event of a cost overrun.

The bid committee have also asserted that they have agreed with the US Department of Homeland Security that the 2024 Games will be designated a National Special Security Event, resulting in secret service lead responsibility for security.