NOCK chairman Kipchoge Keino was among those to participate in the meeting with the IOC in Lausanne ©Getty Images

Fresh elections under a new constitution must be held by the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) by the end of this year, they have been told following a crisis meeting with the Sports Ministry and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne.

A delegation headed by NOCK President Kip Keino met with IOC officials and a Government group headed by Sports Minister Hassan Wario.

The meeting was held as a result of Wario's decision to disband NOCK last month for alleged mismanagement during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In an edict issued afterwards, the IOC ordered the NOCK to immediately convene an Extraordinary General Assembly in order to report on the meeting and "address and clarify" issues which arose during Rio 2016. 

They must also "review and update the NOCK Constitution currently in force, as necessary, and submit the proposed amendments to the IOC for approval in accordance with the Olympic Charter" before agreeing on a process leading to fresh quadrennial elections.

"Once this first step is completed, the NOCK will convene its Elective General Assembly and conduct free and fair elections of the members of the NOCK Executive Board in accordance with the newly approved NOCK Constitution", a message posted on the IOC website added.

"The whole process will be completed by the end of this year (i.e. by December 31, 2016), and will be placed under the full supervision of the IOC, in close coordination with the NOCK and the Ministry of Sports."

Hassan Wario led the Kenyan Sports Ministry delegation at the meeting with the IOC ©Getty Images
Hassan Wario led the Kenyan Sports Ministry delegation at the meeting with the IOC ©Getty Images

NOCK officials were accused of key accommodation and travel mishaps in Rio, including the "mishandling of accreditation", as well as kits which allegedly never reached athletes.

Other problems at Rio 2016 included a doping scandal in which a coach was expelled from the Olympics for impersonating an athlete, selection issues and tension between Athletics Kenya and NOCK.

The Sports Ministry have also been blamed for problems in a dispute which has divided opinion within Kenya.

"All parties will work hand in hand to implement this process in good faith and to ensure sustainable cooperation between the NOCK (including all national federations) and the Government of Kenya for the benefit of sport and the athletes of the country, with the full support of the international sports organisations concerned," the IOC added.

The IOC had threatened the NOCK with suspension if the dispute is not resolved.

Problems have arisen in previous NOCK elections, with many believing the current system is unfairly weighted in favour of incumbent candidates.

Stricter term limits for elected officials is one idea reportedly being proposed.

Kuwait currently remains suspended from the IOC due to Government interference.

Similar meetings between the IOC and both political and sporting authorities there have proved unsuccessful in resolving problems.