Rio 2016 will release a further 100,000 tickets for the Olympics on Thursday ©Getty Images

Tickets for sold-out sessions and for the Rio 2016 Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be part of a new batch of 100,000 seats for next month’s Olympic Games due to be released on Thursday (July 21), organisers have announced.

Other events which will be included in the batch - the last big amount of tickets to go on sale for the Games - feature medal matches in volleyball, football and basketball, as well as previously unavailable sessions in swimming and tennis.

It comes as a result of broadcast plans being finalised, with “some of the seating areas previously set aside for the use of equipment being freed up”.

This had made more tickets available, according to the Organising Committee.

It follows a controversial plan where seating at some venues has been reduced as part of wholesale budget cuts.

The latest batch will be sold online and in Rio 2016 offices across the city, including at the Maracanã Stadium, which is due to host the Opening Ceremony on August 5.

They will also go on sale in cities such as São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Manaus and Salvador.

"The best tip is to be prepared by registering on the ticket portal in advance," Rio 2016 ticketing director Donovan Ferreti said.

The tickets will go on sale online and at several venues across Brazil, including the Maracanã Stadium ©Getty Images
The tickets will go on sale online and at several venues across Brazil, including the Maracanã Stadium ©Getty Images

Rio 2016 also confirmed the latest figure for ticket sales as 71 per cent, with 4.4 million of the 6.1 million that have been made available to date being snapped up.

Previous reports had the sales figure at around 80 per cent.

Tickets have been one of the main concerns of the Organising Committee, who have continually stressed that the Brazilian culture means more will be bought as the Games draw closer.

Rio 2016 officials said last month they were “totally confident in achieving a sold-out Olympic Games” after they claimed they had enjoyed a recent surge in sales.

The figure they gave in June was 67 per cent, meaning only an additional four per cent of the available tickets have been purchased in the past six weeks.

Paralympic Games sales continue to struggle but it is hoped sales will increase when the Olympics get underway.