Ski and Snowboard Australia have partnered with the Australian Sports Commission ©Ski & Snowboard Australia

Ski and Snowboard Australia have partnered with the Australian Sports Commission in order to roll-out opportunities for schoolchildren across the country to take up winter sport.

The programme, called "Little Shredders", is aimed at teaching children the basics of snowsports but without actually visiting any slopes.

It seeks to "bring children all over Australia an opportunity which has never before been offered".

Youngsters will be able to participate from the convenience of the school yard or gymnasium, through game-based learning, it is claimed.

Modified equipment designed specifically for school children will be utilised in an introductory programme that teaches children the fundamental skills and knowledge required to prepare them for an on-snow experience.

“It’s a very exciting programme and we can’t wait to provide every Australian child the opportunity to learn how to ski and snowboard before they actually hit the slopes," said Nick Frayne, National Participation and Sport Development Manager, Ski & Snowboard Australia.

“The Little Shredders programme will help develop a child’s overall balance, improve their communication skills and provide them an understanding of snow safety, all while having fun and working in teams."

Balance, snow safety knowledge and bodily and spatial awareness will be among elements of the programme.

Basic snowsports stances and skills will also be included, along with physical preparedness, team-work and communication.

Skiing and snowboarding are among Australia’s largest and most popular participation sports, with over 1.2 million people participating each year. 

Traditionally, however, Australian children have only been able to learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding at an Alpine resort.